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Paph. multifolium vs Paph. wardii


In 2002 a new Paph. species was as Paph. multifolium described, which corresponds to the well-known Paph. wardii and looks very similar. While Paph. wardii only has 3 to 5 leaves, the Paph. multifolium 7 to 11 leaves which were also significantly larger than the leaves of Paph. wardii.

In 2023 there will be young plants from Paph. multifolium has been offered, which has repeatedly led to discussions. Therefore, here is a direct comparison of these two types.





Paph. multifolium was published on Dr. Tanaka described it as follows:

Paph. multifolium

A new Paph. species was described in Acta Botanica Yunnanica from China. The first one is Paph. multifolium which is described by Z. Liu and J. Zhang in Acta Botanica Yunnanica (2002), 24(2), 191-192. It looks Paph. wardii exactly but they recognized it is different from Paph. Paph. wardii. Paph. wardii have 3 ~5 leaves and multifolium have 7~11 leaves with pale green color. The bract of Paph. multifolium is bigger than that of Paph. wardii. The length is similar to ovary. The stripes on petal is pale black. The width of pouch of Paph. multifolium ( about 1cm ) is smaller than that of Paph. wardii(2~2.5cm). So, it is very easy to identify, they said.


However, Paph. multifolium was not recognized as a new species by many taxonomists from Europe and the USA, but only as a synonym of Paph. wardii classified.

On this homepage the two plants both have been described under “Species”.





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