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Paph. randsii?


A few years ago I got two young plants from a well-known Paphiopedilum dealer in northern Germany as Paph. randsii "Giganteum" purchased. These plants had a leaf span of approximately 25 cm.

At the same time, I also have two young plants from Paph. randsii with a leaf span of 15 cm purchased in Schwerte.

After establishing themselves in my cultivation area, the first plants mentioned began to grow quickly - the other two plants grew rather slowly. With such different growth rates, I was worried that the larger plants were probably not pure Paph. randsii could act - the flower had to show it.

The first plant bloomed in 2021 and the second plant in 2024. Both plants are a hybrid between Paph. randsii and Paph. philippinense. Here are a few pictures of the plants:






Paph. randsii is currently blooming in my greenhouse. Below is a comparison of the two plants:


And here are a few more pictures of Paph. randsii:




Another plant from Paph. randsii is currently blooming, but unfortunately with stunted flowers:



Paph. randsii is a very slow grower in culture. Deviations from this often indicate a hybrid with it.


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