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Paph. urbanianum?


At the end of 2023, young plants will be available as Paph. urbanianum in Germany was offered. The first plants are now coming into flower. While you still generously use the entire flower as a Paph. urbanianum, the Staminodium shows a different appearance than the original Paph. urbanianum.


Some Paphio lovers claim to have seen such plants several years ago. In my opinion it is more of a hybrid. Here is a comparison of these plants with Paph. urbanianum:



Unfortunately, it is no longer possible to trace who propagated these plants. Nevertheless, the question arises as to why such plants are called Paph. urbanianum have been propagated and offered. Does anyone know the typical Paph. urbanianum not?


A similar story is with the propagation of Paph. superbiens occurred. Although two “real” superbiens were used for pollination, there are deviations in the offspring:

some of the plants show Paph. superbiens againand other plants look more like a cross between Paph. superbiens x Paph. callosum.


It was speculated here that Paph. superbiens plants may possibly exist in Indonesia consciously with e.g. Paph. callosum (?) have been crossed to produce a larger number of plants than pure Paph. superbiens for offer...?


The artificially created hybrid Paph. Jogjae was already available in the early 1980s from Paph. glaucophyllum and Paph. praestans declared and marketed as a new natural form. Plants of this species are said to have been released into the wild in Java.




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